Diesel Pushers

Class A Diesel Pushers are often considered the most luxurious of motor homes. They are equipped with hundreds of different features and have all of the comforts you would find in a modern home. The Diesel Pusher motor homes get their name from the rear engines that “push” the vehicle, rather than pull it from the front. The roominess of the Class A Diesel Pusher motor homes for sale at American Choice RV are perfect for big families taking vacations or people wanting to spend a great deal of time on the road. They are also ideal if you plan to be traveling up steep inclines or have heavy loads to tow.

At America Choice, we have a huge selection of Class A Diesel Pushers for sale. In general, the Class A motor home has the most room and spacious floor plan of any of the motorized vehicles. The Diesel Pusher has limitless add-ons and features that can elevate the RV experience from comfortable to extravagant.

Living Space
Because the Diesel Pushers have more power than Class A gas motor homes, many of the add-ons featured in a Class A gas- like heated tiles, big screen TVs, and electric fireplaces- come standard. Some Class A Diesel Pushers can have up to 4 slides, which creates a massive living space.

Travel Comfort
The rear engines on Class A Diesel Pushers for sale at America choice RV are known for their quiet, smooth ride. The cockpit and living space is connected, allowing for greater safety for the owner. If you choose to park in a remote location or stay at a rest area for the night, there is no need to get out of your RV. A bathroom, eating area, kitchen, entertainment, and sleeping area are all built-in to a perfect home away from home.

If you are looking to pull a car, boat, or trailer, or want to travel through mountains, a Class A Diesel Pusher may be the best option. With a diesel engine, rather than the typical gas engine of a Class A, the Diesel Pusher Motor Home has more torque and is able to haul much more weight. The Diesel Pushers for sale at America Choice RV also have better breaking systems and airbag suspension than their gas counterparts. A major plus for the Diesel Pushers is that the engines have an expected lifetime of about 1,000,000 miles or more and need less recommended maintenance..

The large size of the Diesel Pushers can be a problem where maneuverability is concerned. Backing up and parking a 40-foot (plus) rig can be quite a challenge for inexperienced drivers but can be quickly addressed with a couple of practice rounds. The rear-view camera option that is available on some Diesel Pushers for sale at America Choice RV does help to rectify this issue. Most drivers that are apprehensive to try driving one quickly find themselves comfortable behind the wheel. The top and ground clearance is limited, just like the Class A gas model, so parking under trees or in covered parking is not always an option. Diesel Pushers and Class A motor homes in general, have the easiest hookups, so setup takes only about 15 minutes.

Diesel Pushers need maintenance much less frequently than their Class A gas counterparts; however, the parts, tires, and labor can be more expensive. In general, the Class A Diesel Pushers for sale is the more expensive option of motor homes. We will be happy to discuss your needs and desired features to match your budget with a customizable loan and maintenance plan.

Most Popular Class A Diesel Pusher Manufacturers:
• Fleetwood
• American
• Winnebago
• Gulf Stream Coach
• Holiday Rambler
• Beaver

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Diesel Pushers
Diesel Pushers

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