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It's a fact. Family vacations are just better in an RV. Most people think of the traditional bus style motor home when they hear the word RV, which can seem overwhelming to some drivers. But, did you know that there are several different types of motor homes available to choose from? At America Choice RV, we have a huge selection of new and used RVs for sale that suit a wide range of needs and uses.

If you are thinking of purchasing a new or used RV, it is important to consider what features you and your family need to feel comfortable and at home. Do you want a luxurious experience? Are you looking for a vehicle that you can drive to remote campsites and hook up in no time flat? How many people will be sleeping in the vehicle at one time? Will you be traveling long distances or for extended periods of time? These are all questions that must be answered when considering the different types of Motorized units.

Motor homes

There’s no comparison. Vacations are better in an RV. Vacationing in an RV allows you to bring all the comforts of home with you while allowing you to avoid less the desirable hotel rooms. What’s unfortunate is that many people believe that owning a motor home is out of the question. For some, it’s cost and for others it’s the idea of trying to drive very large, bus-style vehicles. However, motor homes come in many different sizes, types and price ranges. America Choice RV offers one of the largest selections of motor homes in the country, meaning that if you are looking for the perfect vacation vehicle, odds are we have one to fit your needs and budget.

Motor homes for Sale

America Choice RV has a wide selection of motor homes for sale. You can browse their inventory at one of two dealerships in Florida or from the comfort of your own home through their website. They offer both new and pre-owned vehicles. And, they can help you choose the perfect RV to fit your needs as well as help you arrange financing. So, if you and your family are in the market for a new RV, visit America Choice RV and let the helpful professionals get you on the road today.

America Choice RV sells a variety of motor homes including:
Class A Gas and Diesel motor homes- These are by far the largest and most luxurious motor homes on the market today.
Class B motor homes -These are smaller than Class A motor homes and yet still provide plenty of space and amenities to both casual and full time campers.
Class C motor homes -These are the smallest motor homes on the market, yet still pack quite a punch when it comes to providing adequate sleeping quarters for the entire family.

Each motor home style has a variety of floor plans, amenities and other options to choose from.

class a rvs for sale

Class A Gas

The Class A motor homes are the most spacious of all the motorized vehicles and give you the comfort of a regular home on wheels. Both gas and diesel engines are available with the Class A model. With features like a full-sized refrigerator, a private bathroom and bedroom, laundry area, big screen TVs, and lots of storage space, the Class A motor homes for sale at America Choice RV are perfect for people looking for a full-equipped home on wheels.
Class A Diesel Pusher

Class A Diesel Pusher

Class A Diesel Pushers are often considered the most luxurious of motor homes. They are equipped with hundreds of different features and have all of the comforts you would find in a modern home. The Diesel Pusher motor homes get their name from the rear engines that “push” the vehicle, rather than pull it from the front.
Class B Motor Homes

Class B Motor homes

If you are looking for a more compact model, the Class B RV could be the model for you. Many innovations have been made to a regular van design to create a comfortable home on wheels in a small package. For people who want a smaller vehicle but want all of the fun that comes with owning a motor home, the Class B motor home is a good choice.
Class C Motor Homes

Class C Motor Homes

Class C motor homes are generally smaller than the Class A or Diesel Pushers but they are often considered “family motor homes” because of their ability to sleep so many people in a limited space. There are countless options available with the Class C motor homes for sale at America Choice RV, from gas or diesel engines, cab over sleeping or entertainment centers to extra slides and sleeping space. A Class C motor home is suitable for short local trips or extended travels.

America Choice RV

So, if you are in the market for a new or used motor home, come and check out the large inventory we have at America Choice RV. We offer quality new and used motor homes and have a large inventory of repossessed RVs for sale.

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