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RV Bluebook

When you are looking for your RV Bluebook value you will find that KBB does not value RVs. The RV Bluebook is either used in the NADA RV or RV Blackbook. We recommend getting your values from NADA RV because that is the industry average for sales recorded. If you want to sell your RV, trade your RV in, or refinance your RV to lower interest rates the RV Banking industry uses NADA.


NADA RV does not give you a "what is my RV worth" but rather an actual value for NADA wholesale and NADA retail recorded from transactions across the US. Values can vary due to location but the industry practice is to You can also add options to increase your NADA RV value. NADA RV is the industry standard to determine up to date RV values when doing an RV appraisal. NADA RV values are the most accurate when trying to determine the RV trade-in value for used RV trades. All RVs have a NADA value and a trade in value based on condition, location of dealership, time of year and ability to finance. The RV Bluebook, RV Blackbook, and NADA RV value are all terms used for finding the industry average of prices for used RV trade-ins and retail RV values.

RV Appraisal tips

America Choice RV wants you to get the information necessary to make an informed decision when determining your RV trade in value from NADA, finding out how much a unit is worth. That is the best place to start is to look around your unit for additions and after market upgrades. Most of these will add to your RV Value in the RV Bluebook. Second, you will want to make sure your RV is in tip top working condition and determine what needs repair. Repairs can be costly to your NADA RV value but less expensive out of pocket. Third, you will want to make sure your RV is as clean as possible. Nothing costs an RV Trade-in more value than dirt. Cleaning does not take much time or money but can significantly add more value to the eye of the RV appraiser.

RV Appraisal Offer

America Choice RV is a registered dealer with NADA and has access to NADA RV Guide information not available to the public. We offer a free RV appraisal to find out what your RV is worth. Please fill out the information below and we will contact to determine the RV trade-in value and our buying price for cash. We buy RVs cash from RV sellers that want cash. We are also able to give top dollar for RV trade ins due to our dealership being a volume discount dealer. Fill out the information below and let's get started today!


When it comes to determining the value of an RV, NADA RV values are the industry standard. They offer wholesale and retail values for a wide variety of RVs and can help you get an idea of what your RV might fetch at trade-in. At America Choice RV, we use NADA, RV Bluebook and RV Blackbook values to determine the value of your RV for trade-in purposes in order to ensure you get the best price towards the purchase of a new RV. The trade-in value will be influenced by the year, make and model of your RV as well as the condition of the RV, the location of the dealership and your ability to finance your new purchase.


America Choice RV is a registered dealer with NADA. This means we have access to valuation tools that are not currently available to the public. If you are interested in finding out what your RV is worth, bring it by any America Choice RV dealership for a free valuation. And while you are there, consider taking a look at our vast inventory of new and used RVs for sale. We will accept your RV on trade for a new RV or even buy it from you directly.

We use NADA RV values


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