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For many people, pop ups and truck campers are a great way to get into camping. If you already enjoy traditional camping, but are looking to upgrade your experience, a Truck or Pop-Up Camper would be a great solution. With a Truck Camper or Pop-Up, the minimal weight eliminates the need for a towing vehicle, and thus, limits your costs.


The Pop-Up, also known as the Tent Camper or Folding Camper, is a small box trailer that, when closed, measures only 8 to 14 feet. When expanded, they are basically a very high-tech, sturdy, elevated tent. Pop-Ups can be pulled by any vehicle with a trailer hitch, including some cars, depending on the size of the Pop-Up. Additionally, Pop-Ups are typically the most affordable of RV types.

Living Space
The Pop-Up has a hard roof and floor with tent walls. When completely opened and set up, Pop-Ups for sale at America Choice RV can range in size from 16 to 26 feet. The center of the Pop-Up RVs usually contain a kitchen and living area, including a dinette, sink, refrigerator, microwave, oven, and sometimes, even a small bathroom. The sides that “pop up” is where the beds are located. With a sleeping capacity of 4 to 10 people depending on the floor plan, the Pop-Up is great for a family camping trip. When collapsed, the Pop-Up is a great storage unit to hold all of your belongings as you travel.

Travel Comfort
The Pop-Up RV makes roughing it a great deal less “rough” than sleeping in a conventional tent. You can still be under the stars and close to nature while also being comfortable and more protected from storms or possible animal encounters.

Due to their small size, and low profile, towing Pop-Up Campers is a breeze. They are as easily maneuvered as a large truck, and their light weight saves on gas.

As with drivability, parking a Pop-Up Camper is so easy due to its size. When not in use, the Pop-Up Campers available at America Choice RV can be parked in any garage or place that you might store a small car.

Some of the disadvantages of having a Pop-Up are the set-up, lack of storage space, loading and unloading gear, and sleeping comfort. The Pop-Up Campers can be the most time consuming of RV types to set up. You must first open the Pop-Up Camper and then hookup to your electricity source and water supply. The compact nature of the Pop-Up Campers for sale does not allow for much storage space, unless not in use. Although the Pop-Ups can fit a lot inside while not in use, to access the things being stored inside, you have to open the entire camper, which can be a pain. Because the Pop-Up Campers can fold into such a small unit, there is not much space for conventional, thick mattresses. Finally, setting up a Pop-Up Camper typically takes longer than a other types of RVs.

Most Popular Pop-Up Camper Manufacturers:
• Dutchmen
• Fleetwood
• Keystone
• Fleetwood
• Thor
• Airstream

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Truck Camper

Truck Campers are RVs that sit inside the bed of a pickup truck. The Truck Camper becomes a part of the truck, it can go almost anywhere a truck can go. For this reason, Truck Campers are considered the most versatile of RVs. The Truck Campers for sale at America Choice RV are popular with hobbyists, horse riders, and sportsmen, because it does not require a trailer hitch and allows you to tow a trailer or other vehicle.

Living Space
Truck Campers have many of the amenities that one would find in a typical motor home, such as beds, a bathroom, sink, stove, refrigerator, and shower. However, having a Truck Camper gives you the ability to detach your living quarters from your transportation once you reach your destination. Some floor plans of Truck Campers include slides which add even more space to the RV.

Travel Comfort
Unlike Pop-Up Campers, which offer little protection against harsh weather, or larger motor homes in which climate control is sometimes difficult, Truck Campers are suitable for all types of weather.

The larger Truck Campers for sale at America Choice RV have much the same space and equipment of a typical motor homes, but can get to hard-to-reach places unlike big RVs. Truck Campers rarely extend more than a foot past the truck cab on either side. With a Truck Camper, you only have to worry about driving your truck and not a huge vehicle. Because there are no tires or engine, there is less maintenance and lower cost than other motor homes. Another benefit of this is that Truck Campers have no drive train, which means they do not depreciate as quickly as a motorized vehicle would. Also, in general, insurance is lower for Truck Campers than motor homes or travel trailers.

As mentioned above, a Truck Camper can go anywhere a truck can go, and therefore, can be parked anywhere a truck can. When not in use, Truck Campers can be stored in a garage or shed.

The biggest issue with Truck Campers is that it is not as easy to set up or hookup as othr types of trailers. To attach the Truck Camper to a truck, you have to raise it on jacks, back the truck under it, lower it onto the truck, and tie it down. This process takes about 30 minutes in total. When removed from the truck bed, Truck Campers have to be lowered to the ground to ensure stability and safety.

Most Popular Truck Camper Manufacturers
• Livin’ Lite Camplite
• Jayco
• Fleetwood
• Forest River
• Outfitter
• Starcraft
• North Star

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