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If you are an outdoor enthusiast, entrepreneur, craftsman, or hobbyist that likes to take their interests on the road, the Toy Hauler is probably the best RV for you. There are several varieties of Toy Haulers depending on your personal needs. The most common Toy Hauler is towable, although motorized Toy Haulers are available. There are also Fifth Wheels and Travel Trailers that come with a Toy Hauler option. The Toy Hauler has the living space of a typical motor home with the added enclosed outside storage room that can accommodate dirt bikes, ATVs, golf carts, snow mobiles, jet skis, gear, tools, etc.

The Toy Hauler is easy to recognizable with their loading ramps that double as outer walls of the unit. The Toy Haulers for sale at America choice RV contain both living quarters and a built-in garage. Some of the features of a Toy Hauler make it the perfect vehicle if you are looking to entertain or host events. And if you are an outdoorsman or have hobbies that require lots of large equipment, the Toy Haulers for sale at America Choice RV are a great choice.

Living Space
The floor plans of the Toy Hauler are usually very spacious and open. They can sleep up to 10 people comfortably, depending on the model. When the vehicles in the outside storage are parked, many Toy Haulers have beds that come down from the ceiling to create extra sleeping space. Some Toy Haulers also come with slides to make the unit even more roomy. Per foot, the towable Toy Haulers for sale at America Choice RV provide more living space than motorhomes because they don’t contain the driving area and engine.

The Toy Haulers are known for their many entertaining features. On many of the Toy Haulers for sale at America Choice RV, there are attachments that can be used to convert the loading ramp into a flat surface. Some Toy Hauler owners use this feature as a stage for events, or simply as an outdoor patio area. Many Toy Haulers also come equipped with outdoor stereo entertainment system.

Travel Comfort
The Toy Hauler is great for traveling with large “toys,” and sometimes comes equipped with an extra fuel tank to fuel them. That way, you don’t have to find a gas station to fill up, but instead just go to your location and fill up there. Another added feature is a separate generator for your Toy Hauler. It allows for the same conveniences available with a Class A or Class C motor home but gives the owner that extra compartment. The garage are in a Toy Hauler comes with easy-to-clean material like vinyl or metal flooring. Except for the rare motorized Toy Hauler, the cockpit and living space are disconnected, meaning that the tow vehicle must be stopped to utilize the unit.

Toy Haulers are large, towable units, which means they need a large vehicle to tow it. If you plan to tow several “toys” inside your Toy Hauler, you will need a ¾ to 1 ton truck to do the job. A Toy Hauler can be a breeze to drive with the right tow vehicle. However, if the vehicle is overloaded and can’t handle the load, it will be unbalanced, and ultimately, unsafe.

Parking for the Toy Hauler is different depending on if it is a travel trailer toy hauler or a Fifth Wheel toy hauler. The Travel Trailer model of the Toy Hauler hooks up to the towing vehicle using a trailer hitch. The Fifth Wheel model is attached in the bed of the towing vehicle using a mounted hitch or goose neck hitch making sharp turns much easier and greatly increasing maneuverability. It is very important to find a level place to park, because leveling a Toy Hauler may require additional effort or equipment.

If you don’t already have a suitable tow vehicle, you will need to acquire one. Toy Haulers are heavier than average towable RVs due to the heavy construction required to transport vehicles inside of them. Another problem that you may encounter is that, depending on the type of machinery or equipment that you keep in the main storage of the Toy Hauler, it can end up smelling like gas or oil. This presents a problem if you like to use that area for extra sleeping space. It is important that the living area stays sealed and the “garage” stays well ventilated to prevent fumes from becoming an issue. An America Choice RV representative can provide several solutions to counter this issue and keep your garage travel friendly. The length of the Toy Hauler when connected to the towing vehicle needs to be considered when parking in state campgrounds due to size regulations. Always check ahead of time when booking your site.

Most Popular Toy Hauler Manufacturers:

  • Thor
  • CrossRoads Elevation
  • Keystone
  • Coachman
  • Forest River
  • Jayco
  • Riverside
  • Weekend Warrior
  • Dutchmen

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